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October 17, 2019
Young woman with rejuvenated face after eyelid surgeryIf the eyes are the window to the soul, eyelids can be the window to how tired or stressed a person feels. It should come as no surprise, then, that a recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery revealed eyelid rejuvenation treatments are exploding in popularity in… Read Full Post
October 10, 2019
Man with gynecomastiaGynecomastia, or excess male breast tissue, is an embarrassing problem that afflicts up to 70 percent of men. Recent research has indicated a connection between smoking marijuana and developing male breasts. Indeed, weed is now the leading cause of man boobs among men aged 18 to 35. At Grossman |… Read Full Post
September 17, 2019
Man with gynecomastiaAs a man, having gynecomastia, or excess breast tissue, can be embarrassing. It can occur even in otherwise fit, muscular men, and it can leave men afraid to take off their shirts at the pool or in front of an intimate partner. Up to 70 percent of men will experience this during their lifetime. Gynecomastia is also an unforeseen side… Read Full Post
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September 03, 2019
Breast implants are not designed to be permanent, and may need replacing at some point. Most breast implants will last for at least ten to twenty years, though. Many breast implants are also covered by warranty, so if it ruptures or fails in some way during the warranty period, you can get it replaced for a reduced cost.… Read Full Post
August 26, 2019
Liposuction is an incredibly popular procedure that can help you contour your body. It’s a great way to lose inches of stubborn fat in targeted areas. On the other hand, it’s not a great way to actually lose weight. The best liposuction candidates are already at or near a stable, healthy weight and are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle.… Read Full Post
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July 31, 2019
Rippling is one of the more common side effects of breast augmentation. Breast implants are malleable so that they look and feel more natural in the breasts. However, this malleability means that they can also ripple. Visible rippling is less common than rippling that you can feel but not see. It does happen, though, especially in women who don’t have a lot of breast tissue.… Read Full Post
June 24, 2019
Are you curious about nose surgery? Take our short rhinoplasty IQ test to see how much you know about this procedure. If you would like to learn about your candidacy for rhinoplasty, the board-certified plastic surgeons at Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery are here to help.  Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to address imperfections with the bridge, tip, and nostrils of the nose. Addressing issues like asymmetry, bumps and humps, and bulbous tip, this procedure helps to bring the nose into ideal proportions with surrounding facial features and can have a profound impact on the entire appearance of the face. If you live in Denver, Greenwood Village, or surrounding areas… Read Full Post
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June 24, 2019
Woman holding a breast implant next to her braFollowing breast augmentation, a compression garment or supportive bra will be needed to help reduce swelling and discomfort while improving results. These bra alternatives will also serve to protect your incisions from irritation, helping to improve your overall experience. Depending on factors… Read Full Post
June 14, 2019
Initial recovery from breast augmentation is relatively short, lasting three to five days for most women. During this time, swelling, tenderness, and even some pain can be expected, though there are several safe and effective ways to improve comfort while you are recovering. Depending on factors unique to your body, ibuprofen may be sufficient for dealing with postoperative breast augmentation discomfort. If more pain relief is needed, we can offer prescription pain medications as appropriate. Most women are able to discontinue pain medications after the first few days. You can help reduce discomfort by taking time to rest after your surgery. Carve out space at home where you can relax… Read Full Post
May 24, 2019
At Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to making sure your desired procedure fits into your budget. We offer a variety of financing options to address your unique needs. During your consultation, we’ll discuss these options with you in detail and assist you in filling out any necessary paperwork. The infographic below also provides some ideas for other ways you can pursue financing for your plastic surgery. If one of these options works better for you than the plans we offer, we are happy to accommodate your preferences.… Read Full Post