6 Things to Know About Breast Augmentation in 2018

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Posted: May 17, 2018

Breast augmentation increases breast size while improving the overall shape of the breasts. Finding out if it is right for you is accomplished in a personalized consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons.

Cosmetic surgery in 2018 remains a popular choice for Americans! Here are 6 things to know about breast enlargement in the current era:

1. More than 300,000 women received breast augmentations last year. That's up 3% from 2016. What does this mean in 2018? One thing it tells us is that breast enlargement remains wildly popular. With the first modern breast augmentation performed in the early 1960s, women of every decade since have been happy with the results the procedure provides.

2. Breast augmentation has been the leading cosmetic procedure in the U.S. for many years. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation has been the #1 cosmetic surgical procedure since 2006! That's over a decade of being in the top spot.

3. Breast implants are not lifetime medical devices. If you get breast implants, you should expect to undergo one or more additional breast surgeries in the future. There is no predetermined lifetime for implants, but most need to be replaced at some point. It's uncommon for them to last 20-30 years, although possible. Many women find themselves getting a replacement before that. Implants become more susceptible to complications and ruptures as they age. Even without a complication, you may decide you want to change the size, shape or another characteristic after several years.

4. Only a few days or so off of work are needed. In this day and age, recovery from breast augmentation does not take long. You should be able to return to your job after 5-7 days, depending on how you feel. You may still be a little sore at this point, but not to the degree that it will interfere with your work. This is assuming your activity level at your job is low. More downtime may be required for physically demanding jobs.

5. Time off from exercise will be needed. Unlike your job, strenuous activity will need to be delayed for some time, up to a month for cardio or other high-impact activities that involve bouncing, lifting weights with your arms or building chest muscle.

6. Realistic goals are necessary. Don't expect to make a drastic leap of several cup sizes or more. Going from an A cup to a DD is unlikely. A consultation is necessary to determine your sizing options, but generally a measured approach based on your goals and chest anatomy produces the best results. If you want your breasts to be a lot larger than they are now, our plastic surgeons can determine if that is a realistic option.

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