Cosmetic Procedures Enhancing Various Aspects of the Breasts

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Posted: May 24, 2018

Summer is coming. The hot weather often calls for wearing lighter clothing from tank tops and shorts to your swimsuit. This time of year can also make us ultra-conscious of our bodies. One area for women that often gets attention during this time of year, are the breasts. Thinking you want to make a change? Our expert surgeons can help you acheive your goals. Aesthetic surgery procedures focused on the breasts can achieve a variety of goals. They can be precisely tailored to the final results you want to see. 

Enlarging size, improving shape and overall appearance

Some women want larger breasts. You may also want to improve the overall look of your bust as well. Breast shaping and enhancing surgeries can do just that.

Breast enlargement: Breast augmentation remains the Number 1 cosmetic surgical procedure across the U.S., and statistics show it has maintained that position since 2006. Saline or silicone breast implants are used to enlarge the breasts. The material in today's implants mimics a natural look and feel better than ever before.

Breast lift: If you aren't concerned with going up in size but instead want to lift sagging breasts, then a breast lift procedure may be the right choice. In fact, a lift may cause your bra size to go down a cup, as the excess, deflated skin on the breasts is removed. The result is a lifted position with an overall firmer appearance.

Procedures addressing the areolas and nipples

Inverted nipples are drawn inward, instead of protruding outward. This isn't an uncommon physical characteristic, but for the women who experience it, it can be unsatisfactory and embarrassing.

Depending on the individual case, the nipples may be inverted all the time, with no outside forces causing them to protrude. For other women, inverted nipples may be drawn out by cold temperature or by manual manipulation.

Women with inverted nipples have visited our practice, and discussed with our plastic surgeons the sexual inhibition, sexual dissatisfaction and feelings of self-consciousness the condition can cause. If this sounds like you, then a corrective surgery may be a good fit. This procedure releases and spreads the tissues pulling down on your nipples, essentially releasing them to protrude. Ask our experienced staff for more information.

Reversing changes caused by pregnancy and aging

The aging process naturally changes our breasts. With age, you may begin to notice:

  • Sagging and drooping
  • Deflated tissue
  • Nipples that have begun pointing downward

For most women, these changes can be downright disappointing! Pregnancy can have very similar effects on your body, although each woman experiences different physical changes. Pregnancy may have left you with sagging, deflated breasts, as well as stretched skin and areolas.

The main procedure tailored to these changes is a breast lift. The surgery's focus is deflated and limp skin. This skin can be removed, and the remaining skin re-shaped to form perkier, firmer breasts.

You may also wish to increase breast size. In most typical cases, a lift and augmentation with an implant can be combined, so that you achieve larger breasts that are also perkier.

Choosing our Denver Breast Surgeons

There are many plastic surgeons to choose from in our area. We think it's critical to find the surgeon you trust. As you research your options, here are some of the reasons our patients have given us positive feedback:

  • Demonstrated results. Because of our years in practice, we have a large number of past patients who have visited us. In our before & after gallery, you can see some of these patients and the results obtained. 
  • Experience. More than four decades of combined experience, to be exact. We are proud to be a practice that features experienced plastic surgeons, who have been carefully selected for their skill, abilities and knowledge.
  • Training and education. All three of our surgeons completed Fellowships, in addition to years of medical school and surgical training. All three are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery. We are happy to tell you more about their education, training and qualifications as part of your consultation.

Above all, our surgeons here at Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery are personally committed to obtaining outstanding results for each person who comes through our door. We are passionate about the quality of care we provide, and we want you to feel great about the way you look.

Learn More About Your Breast Surgery Options

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