Fatigued to Fabulous

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Posted: April 25, 2011

Ok, admit it, you’re looking in the mirror all the time. Whether you’re at home at the vanity, passing by a window, or found a chrome bumper on a car in the parking garage at the mall, you’re staring, and judging yourself. Meanwhile, the lady in the driver’s seat of that car, is looking in her rearview mirror, and staring at the same thing. Under eye darkness and sagging!

Where did the time go? I thought I got enough sleep last night. Where are my sunglasses? It’s those questions that women and men ask themselves daily, and they secretly struggle with the disappointment of how dark, and saggy their eyes have become over the years. If only there was a solution?

There is… It’s called soft dermal filler, and it’s available in select formulas, customized to the unique needs of anyone who wants a boost! Wouldn’t it be great to take off those sunglasses, and strut through the salon, the bank, the hallway at little Johnny’s school, and even adding a little skip by the water cooler at work? You’ll look amazing in any place, at any time, and under any light. Yes, even under fluorescent and overhead lighting… The procedure is fast and simple, and pleasing to the pocketbook. And with literally no downtime, you get an instantaneous result… and it’s our little secret…