How Much Pain can I Expect After Breast Augmentation?

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Posted: June 14, 2019

Initial recovery from breast augmentation is relatively short, lasting three to five days for most women. During this time, swelling, tenderness, and even some pain can be expected, though there are several safe and effective ways to improve comfort while you are recovering.

Depending on factors unique to your body, ibuprofen may be sufficient for dealing with postoperative breast augmentation discomfort. If more pain relief is needed, we can offer prescription pain medications as appropriate. Most women are able to discontinue pain medications after the first few days.

You can help reduce discomfort by taking time to rest after your surgery. Carve out space at home where you can relax and plan on settling in for a bit. Outside of several short walks throughout the day to keep circulation flowing, it is best to minimize activities during your first week of recovery from breast augmentation. Find books, binge-worthy shows, and other relaxing ways to spend this time.

What is “Normal” Pain After Breast Augmentation?

Woman Holding Breast in PainTenderness or soreness around the incisions is possible after breast augmentation. Remember to keep incisions dry and clean to help prevent infection and irritation during this time. If your incisions were placed around the nipple, some loss of nipple sensitivity is possible as well. This, like pain, generally resolves on its own over the course of several weeks.

Tightness in the chest is common following breast augmentation. Skin and tissue will need to adjust to the implant, which may result in some mild discomfort. As with pain around the incisions, this should resolve on its own as you continue to recover.

When to Contact Our Office

You will return to our office for follow-up visits after your breast augmentation procedure. During these visits, we can address any concerns or questions about your recovery to help improve your comfort. If you experience sudden, sharp, or lasting pain, please call our office right away for an evaluation. While rare, some breast augmentation complications can result in significant discomfort. The sooner these issues are addressed, the sooner comfort can be restored.

What are Some Signs of Infection Following Breast Augmentation?

Infection after breast augmentation can result in serious pain and may even impact results. Signs of infection following breast implant placement include:

  • Puss or discharge from incisions
  • Substantial swelling
  • Increased pain or tenderness
  • Redness around incisions or throughout the breasts
  • Fever

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important that you contact us right away. Infection can cause both physical and aesthetic complications and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

How Long Does the Pain Last After Breast Augmentation?

Some pain and tenderness are common for two to three weeks following breast augmentation, particularly around the incisions. Again, following our postoperative instructions, including incision care, is a good way to guard against complications that can cause further discomfort.

Tightness typically subsides with swelling – which may take three to four weeks – and it may be six weeks before you are able to resume all of your normal activities. We will help you determine when to resume specific activities during your follow-up visits.

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Recovery from breast augmentation does not have to be uncomfortable. Our board-certified plastic surgeons take every care in planning and performing breast augmentation, helping to reduce risks of complications while working towards the most pleasing results.

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