How Much Pain Can I Expect After Breast Augmentation?

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Posted: January 31, 2013

Following your breast augmentation procedure, some pain is to be expected, but your discomfort will subside over time, leaving you with your new, shapelier figure.

At Grossman Plastic Surgery, we take every precaution to ensure you have a safe procedure with minimal recovery time. You should expect swelling and bruising after your breast augmentation surgery. This is normal. You may also experience firmness in your breast immediately after your breast augmentation, but it will subside with time.

If you have breast implants placed beneath your pectoral muscle, you may experience more pain than patients who have subglandular placements over the muscle. During your pre-surgery consultation, Dr. John A. Grossman or Dr. Philippe A. Capraro will discuss the amount of discomfort you should expect for your specific circumstances.

The amount of pain you will experience varies by patient. Some patients have high pain tolerance and heal quickly. Other patients experience more discomfort. Extreme discomfort should be reported to your doctor.

It is important that you follow the post-operative care instructions given by our doctors. You will not be able to resume normal activities for up to a week and strenuous activities for a month. If you push yourself physically too soon after breast augmentation, you will experience pain and slow or disrupt your healing process.

If you are would like to discuss your breast augmentation options with a Denver plastic surgeon, please contact Grossman Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation.