Male Liposuction

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Posted: July 26, 2012

An increasing number of men have been visiting our Denver plastic surgery practice in recent years. Many of these patients have turned to Dr. Grossman and Dr. Capraro for help achieving a more toned, sculpted body contour. If you have one or more stubborn pockets of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise, liposuction can help you achieve the chiseled appearance you desire.

While the liposuction procedure is essentially the same when performed on men and women, there are certain issues that must be addressed when treating male patients. Fat accumulates in different places for men than it does for women. Our male liposuction patients most commonly look to remove excess fat in the waist (love handles), abdomen (pot belly), and breast area (treatment for gynecomastia).

In addition, the type of fat that accumulates in men is slightly different than the excess fat deposits found in women. Males tend to have denser, more fibrous fat than women. This can create certain challenges that require the right liposuction techniques to properly treat.

Denver plastic surgeons Dr. Grossman and Dr. Capraro understand the unique issues presented by performing liposuction on men. In order to achieve the best results with the highest levels of safety, they use a combination of traditional tumescent liposuction and the revolutionary VASER LipoSelection technique with all of their male patients.

The use of tumescent fluid helps separate the fat to facilitate its removal, and it reduces bleeding in the treatment site. The VASER technique is one of the most effective methods of breaking up the dense, fibrous fat found in men. By combining these techniques, Dr. Grossman and Dr. Capraro can sculpt with a greater degree of precision than if either technique were used by itself.

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