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Posted: April 25, 2011

What is your daily routine? Get up, eat breakfast, take a shower, wash your face… Wait a minute… What did you just put on your face? Do you know what’s in that bottle? Rather than “sift” through the cleanser samples from that 2007 free gift with purchase, it’s time to get serious, and become educated about skin care.

Environmental factors plague our skin everyday, and you need to know how to care for it. Even more importantly, you need to know your exact skin type. Thinking you’re dry when you’re oily, or constantly extracting oils because you you have problematic skin, is a long and hard road to recovery, especially if you’re driving in reverse! Take the time to talk to an aesthetician. It’s their passion and purpose to help you not only resolve your skin care problems, but educate you, and help you understand why your skin is the way it is. Most often, you will have something in common with your clinician, as most of us aren’t born blessed with the perfect skin type. But that does not mean you cannot have perfect skin! There is always a customized skin care system just for you! Glowing, radiant, and refreshed skin is waiting for you to let it shine! Ask an aesthetician about how they can help you achieve that goal!