The Skinny

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Posted: April 25, 2011

after liposuction - female nude modelIt can be short, sweet, to the point, and you’ll be able to walk away. It’s called liposuction, and it’s becoming more than just a trend. In the earlier days of plastic surgery, most procedures were frowned upon, and deemed unnecessary or even vulgar. Celebrity figures like Phyllis Diller, and Cher underwent scrutiny for their public decisions to undergo plastic surgery. But that was then…

These days it’s almost too common for anyone to have plastic surgery, especially liposuction, as the world has changed its views on what is deemed sexy, and attractive. Sleek, sculpted bodies, with strategically placed curves are what make the magazine covers. Most of our public figures will own up to their plastic surgery, and liposuction is at the top of the list. It helps to contour in the tougher places, that regular diet and exercise may not be able to trim. It’s a quick fix, with very little down time, and it’s sure to keep you motivated to do more for your body.