What is Smart Lipo?

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Posted: April 15, 2013

Smart Lipo is one type of laser-assisted liposuction. In general, laser and ultrasound-assisted liposuction techniques are less traumatic ways to perform liposuction. These types of liposuction prepare fat cells for a gentler removal, so the fat does not have to be aggressively removed from the treatment area.

Some of the benefits of Smart Lipo, VASER and other innovative liposuction methods include:

  • Less bruising
  • Less swelling
  • Faster recovery

Like other modern liposuction techniques, Smart Lipo requires only local anesthetic, so you can be awake throughout the procedure but still numbed to any pain or discomfort. Without the need for general anesthesia, you can enjoy a faster recovery.

During a Smart Lipo procedure, a narrow laser fiber is inserted through a tiny incision in the treatment area. The laser energy causes fat cells to rupture and liquefy, so their removal with another tool called a cannula is much less traumatic than if the fat cells were solid. The laser energy can also cause some degree of moderate skin tightening, so your skin conforms to your slimmer contours.

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