When can I return to work after breast augmentation?

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Posted: March 14, 2016

woman in a meeting after returning to work following breast augmentationIf you’re considering breast augmentation, you may be wondering how much time you’ll need to take off work while you recover from surgery. While the exact amount of time varies based on the rate at which you heal, most women are able to return to work after about one week.

It’s important that you get plenty of rest during the first week of your recovery. In some instances, you may be feeling better after a few days and want to go right back to work. However, our plastic surgeons will caution against rushing back into regular activities, including work, too soon. Erring on the side of caution will reduce the risk that you place too much stress on your body before it’s sufficiently healed.

Factors Impacting the Amount of Time You’ll Need to Take Off Work

There are several factors which will impact the length of time required before you return to work. These include:

  • The complexity of your procedure – Combination procedures such as breast augmentation with a breast lift are more complex, and it may take longer for you to heal.
  • Implant placement location – Submuscular implant placement (under the chest muscle) often results in a slightly longer recovery time due to increased muscle soreness.
  • Your body’s innate healing ability – We all heal at different rates and have varying levels of pain tolerance. This may impact how fast you can return to work.
  • The nature of your job – If you work at an office or have another job that is relatively sedentary, you will most likely be able to return to work faster than someone who has a more physically demanding job that requires heavy lifting or strenuous exertion.

Our plastic surgeons will carefully monitor your recovery throughout the entire process to ensure you’re healing properly. We’ll provide you with a more specific timeline on returning to work and other physical activities based on the rate at which you heal.

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