When can I return to work after breast augmentation?

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Posted: March 14, 2016

Breast augmentation surgery is generally considered a safe, commonly performed surgery. However, all surgeries require recovery time, which includes time off from work.

Going back to work too early after a surgery may prove hazardous in the long run and could affect the surgery’s results. Make sure you have had ample rest after surgery before returning to any type of work.

Easing back into a post surgery routine, and taking it one day at a time, should allow you to return to work within a week as long as your job is not a physically demanding one that requires a great deal of lifting.

After surgery, it is a good idea to have someone with you for the first 24 hours. Your body will be weak and you still may be experiencing some effects from the anesthesia. Have a friend or family member drive you home and then stick around to help you with things around the house.

After that period is up, you may go back to light physical activity such as walking- these stimulates blood flow and aids healing. But don't push it- err on the side of caution.

If you feel you have a job that is an active one, you can discuss your situation with our plastic surgeons to decide the best plan for post-surgery recovery.

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