When Can I Wear a Bra after Breast Augmentation?

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Posted: June 24, 2019

Woman holding a breast implant next to her braFollowing breast augmentation, a compression garment or supportive bra will be needed to help reduce swelling and discomfort while improving results. These bra alternatives will also serve to protect your incisions from irritation, helping to improve your overall experience.

Depending on factors unique to your breast augmentation surgery, you may be able to resume wearing a “normal” bra within four to six weeks. During your follow-up visits, your plastic surgeon will be able to provide you with personalized recommendations to ensure you only begin wearing a traditional bra when your breasts are ready.

It is important to remember that your breasts can continue to adjust in both size and shape for several months following breast enlargement with implants. For this reason, many plastic surgeons suggest women by bras in steps – choosing the appropriate fit at each stage of recovery. After six months or so, no more adjustments should be necessary.

For the most comfortable fit, it can help to have a professional bra fitting once your results have finalized.

How Long Will I Have to Wear a Surgical Bra?

Your compression garment (surgical bra) will help your incisions heal correctly, work to keep implants in place, and help reduce swelling and discomfort, but it will only be necessary for a few weeks. After your initial recovery, you may be able to switch to a supportive sports bra for the remainder.

When selecting a sports bra, choose one that provides a firm, but not limited support. Having a front opening is helpful as well as this will reduce stress and strain from unusual or excessive arm movements. Be sure also to select a bra that is soft. Irritating fabric can impact incision healing and may cause unwanted results.

The best way to learn how to pick out a supportive bra for breast augmentation healing is by talking to your plastic surgeon about your options. Because sports bras come later during the healing phase, the issue can easily be addressed during follow-up visits.

How to Choose a New Bra After Breast Augmentation

Having a professional fitting helps ensure the fit of your new bra is ideal. The style, however, is entirely up to you. Not all bras work well with breast implants and some, depending on the location of the implants, may even cause problems. This makes it important that you select a bra that is supportive and comfortable in addition to being sexy and fun.

New wireless options can provide as much support as standard underwire bras. Take your time when looking for a new fit and choose a style that meets all of your physical and aesthetic needs. 

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