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What is Dimple Creation?

Dimples are muscle defects in the cheek. The skin is stuck to the underlying tissued and makes that cute indention that is so admired. Dimples may exist all the time or only appear when someone smiles. Some dimples stay permanently with your through adulthood, but many fade away as you grow. 

Dimpleplasty is an outpatient procedure and requires only a local anesthetic. It takes about thirty minutes to perform. You can expect minimal temporary swelling after surgery, but usually, there are no other post-surgery issues. 

Dimpleplasty is minimally invasive and creates pimples on your cheeks or chin. During Dimpleplasty surgery, the surgeon makes a tiny incision inside your check. No cuts are made on the outside of your face. Instead, a small piece of cheek muscle is removed, the remaining muscles are attached to the underside of the cheek and then tightened. It is the incision on the inside of the cheek that leaves the permanent indentation in the skin.


The dimples appear deeper at first but begin to look more natural within a couple of months. Dimples may appear all the time initially, but over time dimples are only visible when you smile.


Sutures naturally disappear or dissolve, and no incision is visible on the outside of your cheeks. There is a minimal risk of asymmetry or uneven results, but with the skills of an experienced surgeon, this risk does not usually occur.


You can choose your own dimple “design.” You can choose long, short, deep, or even small dimples. You can also choose where dimples will be placed on your cheeks.


Candidates for Dimple Creation

You may be a good candidate for Dimpleplasty if you want the character and individuality that dimples convey, have sufficient volume in your cheeks, and have firm elastic skin. In some societies, dimples are considered lucky.

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