Dimple Creation Surgery

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young woman with dimples standing next to a flowering treeMany people with dimples inherit them genetically. If you want dimples but were not lucky enough to inherit them, dimple creation surgery may be right for you. At Grossman | Capraro, our board-certified plastic surgeons utilize a safe, effective technique to give you dimples when you smile. To arrange a consultation, please call us in Denver at 303-320-5566.

What is Dimple Creation Surgery?

Also known as dimpleplasty, this facial plastic surgery procedure makes the small divots known as "dimples" in the tissue of your cheek. Dimples show when you smile, if you have them. Men and women express interest in having dimples.

To better understand this procedure, let's first consider what dimples are: These little depressions in the skin occur when the connective tissue below your cheeks pulls down on the skin when you smile, creating a divot where the tissue is pulled inward.

Dimples are one of those features some people really admire. They can be perceived as cute or pretty, and some people even believe it is a sign of good luck to be born with them! Some people desire the character and individuality that dimples convey. Whatever your reasons for wanting dimples, our plastic surgeons can create them.

How Dimple Plastic Surgery is Performed

smiling young man with dimplesThe procedure includes the following steps:

  • Assessing the best location of the dimples, where they would appear naturally
  • Making an incision on the inner surface of your cheek, inside your mouth (there are no scars made on the outer surface)
  • Tying an absorbable suture at the location of the incision
  • Providing patient with aftercare instructions to prevent infection

The suture pulls the skin, providing a dimple immediately. The dimples will be apparent all the time at first, regardless of your facial expression. They will soften as the sutures absorb, at which point they will only be visible when you smile. It may take a few days to a week or more to see these final, natural-looking results.

When the sutures are absorbed completely, you will still have dimples because scar tissue will have formed between your skin and the muscle. It is this scar tissue that sustains the dimples. They are permanent for most people.

Dimple Surgery Recovery

This procedure requires local anesthesia only, which means you can avoid the recovery involved with "going under," or anesthesia that puts you in a sleep state. You'll be fully awake, but we'll make sure you are appropriately numbed and comfortable.

You should plan to take the rest of the day off to relax. You may eat several hours after the appointment. Most people take 1-2 days off of work, after which point your cheeks will look more natural than they did right after surgery.

We will provide you with complete instructions for preventing infection. The mouth contains a lot of bacteria, plus foods and beverages can be irritating, so we'll make sure you know how to keep the area clean and healthy.

Find Out If You Are a Candidate

To meet our board-certified plastic surgeons and discuss whether dimple cosmetic surgery in Denver may be right for you, please call Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery at 303-320-5566. For years our surgeons have been providing cosmetic treatments to men and women from across the Front Range, including Littleton and all of the surrounding cities.