Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips

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The best way to avoid complications from any plastic surgery procedure is to be conscientious in following the doctor’s orders for the full recovery process. When patients try to rush the body’s healing process, they put themselves at risk for infections, incisions that do not heal properly, swelling, or other complications.

When you have invested so much into your plastic surgery, following all recovery guidelines is the way to maximize all the potential benefits.

At Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery, we take an individualized approach to all of our procedures. We are dedicated to providing safe, effective plastic surgery for every patient.

What to Expect After Plastic Surgery

While each procedure has differences in recovery time and the healing process, learning what to expect and how to maximize your healing process is as important as the surgery itself. Learning how to best care for yourself following your procedures is an important step to making sure you get the beautiful results you are seeking.

Take the time to discuss the recovery period for your particular procedures with our experienced plastic surgeons during your consultation so you know exactly what to expect.

Recovery Guidelines

While less-invasive plastic surgery procedures may only take a couple of days to recover from, more serious surgeries can require weeks or even months of recovery time. Although each surgery is unique, there are some general guidelines that you can expect following your procedure. Carefully follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery plan, including:

  • Having realistic expectations of how you will look and feel immediately after your procedure. You may experience bruising and swelling, and it can take some time for your final results to be apparent.
  • Accept that you may need help or around the clock care for a period of time. In addition to helping with your physical limitations, the support of family and friends can help with the emotional and psychological effects of your surgery.
  • Taking all medications as prescribed to control any pain and swelling, and to promote healing. Be sure to discuss any other medications or supplements you are currently taking.
  • Getting the rest your body needs to fully heal and optimize your results. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to complications and diminished results.
  • If you have drain tubes placed during your surgery, follow your doctor's directions for how to use the drain effectively and keep the area clean.
  • Use ice packs on the affected area as needed.
  • Keep the affected area elevated to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight during the healing period to reduce scaring and skin damage.
  • Keep all follow-up appointments so your plastic surgeon can monitor your progress. If any problems begin to develop, they can be handled quickly and effectively with proper follow-up care.

If you have any questions during your recovery, please call Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery at 303-320-5566 for assistance.