Inverted Nipple Surgery

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Inverted nipple patient in DenverNipple inversion occurs when the tops of the nipples are tucked down and do not protrude normally. It occurs in up to 10% of women, and may also appear in men.

Although almost always a cosmetic concern and not hazardous to your health, nipple inversion can make some women very self-conscious and less happy with their bodies. If you think that you may be a candidate for surgery to correct nipple inversion, please call Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery in Denver, CO, at 303-320-5566.

What Is Nipple Inversion?

Constricted tissue prevents nipples from sticking out. It may affect one nipple or both. Nipple inversion is graded in severity from stage 1-3. At stage 1, the nipples will protrude in response to stimulation or cold temperature. Stage 2 inversion is indicated by nipples that can be manually drawn outward, although they will draw inward soon after. Stage 3 inverted nipples are pretty much drawn inward all the time.

There are a number of potential causes. For instance, certain ducts in the breasts, called lactiferous ducts, may not develop or grow normally. Or it can be caused by fibrosis around these ducts, which basically holds the nipple down so it can't protrude. Sometimes inverted nipples result when the base of the nipple is smaller than typical.

For women who wish to undo inversion, there is a simple, effective procedure performed by our board-certified plastic surgeons. While the nipple is projected out, an incision is made. Through this incision, our surgeons release the constricted tissue that is causing inversion.

Incisions are made parallel to the milk ducts. Older methods cut across the milk ducts, generally carrying a high risk of loss of sensitivity and ability to breastfeed. While some milk ducts are cut by the parallel incisions, a good amount are left untouched, increasing the odds of your ability to breastfeed following the procedure. This method essentially spreads out the constricted tissue, releasing the nipple.

Benefits of This Procedure for Good Candidates

Denver nipple inversion correctionHere are a few of the advantages of the surgery:

  • Nipples will project outward normally
  • Procedure is completed in the privacy and comfort of our surgical office
  • May help with breastfeeding by increasing baby's ability to latch to the nipples
  • Results are long-term
  • Procedure requires minimal downtime with ability to return to work within days

If you are also considering one of the following breast enhancement surgeries, nipple revision can often be combined with the procedure:

Inverted nipples are something you may have had since puberty, or the issue may have developed later in your life. Either way, surgical correction may be the right way to restore your confidence and positive feelings about your body. Women who have this condition often feel self-conscious about their breasts, and may feel like they affect their sexuality and body image. Inverted nipples may also prevent mothers from breastfeeding successfully.

Releasing the constriction of the nipples can help you look and feel your best. While they may help with breastfeeding, there is also a risk that repairing the inversion will make it harder to breastfeed. Sometimes women with inverted nipples are unable to breastfeed either way because of the shape and development of the breasts. If this is an area of concern for you, we encourage you to discuss the matter with our experienced plastic surgeons. They have the updated information about risks, benefits and how the procedure will work for you.

Arrange a Consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

At Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery, we want each patient to feel their best. To discuss nipple inversion and your candidacy with our experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons in Denver, please call one of our experienced Patient Care Coordinators at 303-320-5566. We are happy to arrange your consultation and answer any questions you may have.