Our Philosophy Of Plastic Surgery

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Serving Denver, Aurora, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Nearby Colorado

At Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery, our mission and our philosophy are simple: providing safe, effective plastic surgery that will help our Denver-area patients achieve their aesthetic goals and leave our office satisfied with their experience.

If that sounds simplistic, it’s important to understand exactly what it means. It means we never compromise on safety. It means we only offer procedures we know we can trust. And it means your goals and well-being will forever be our only concerns.

But these aren’t just words. We’ve lived this philosophy for decades. We have a proven track record of helping patients like you achieve the body of which they’ve longed dreamed.

If you’re a resident of the Denver, Colorado, area and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery today at 303-320-5566.

How We Talk with Our Patients

Your experience at our office begins with your initial plastic surgery consultation. This is your first opportunity to see how Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery differs from so many of your other options.

This consultation is a conversation, not a lecture. We will ask you important questions about your priorities and give you learned advice, of course, but we will also listen. To your goals, to your ambitions, to your concerns, to your dreams. We will listen, and we will do so respectfully.

This conversation is an opportunity for both you and our doctors. It’s a chance for everyone to get to know each other and grow comfortable with each other. We are devoted to your comfort at Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery.

How We Help Our Patients

Of course, you will eventually move past the conversation stage of the process and actually undergo your plastic surgery. This is where the trust you place in your doctor really comes into play, and that’s a trust we cherish.

Our doctors are not only board-certified plastic surgeons, they’re possessed of ample experience. Dr. John Grossman has been a practicing plastic surgeon since the 1970’s, while Dr. Philippe Capraro has been practicing in the medical field since the '90s.

This experience and training means our doctors recognize what works and what doesn’t. We know which procedures are safe and which present unacceptable risks. We know which procedures will help you achieve your goals and which will leave your disappointed.

At the end of the day, your plastic surgery is about one person: you. We’re here to safely and responsibly guide you down the path you have chosen.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado, area and you want to learn more about your plastic surgery options, please contact Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery by calling 303-320-5566 today.