Preparing for Plastic Surgery

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You’ve made the decision to move forward and undergo plastic surgery. You’ve chosen Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery based on our proven track record of safe, successful procedures. And you’re beginning to look forward to your life in Denver post-surgery.

We’re excited to be by your side as you take these important steps. At Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery, we consider it part of our job to make sure you are well-prepared for your procedure. This entails making sure you have a complete understanding of the procedure. But it also means putting you on the right path once you’ve made the decision.

We’re committed to making sure the men and women of Denver have safe, positive plastic surgery experiences.

The Steps You Should Take before Plastic Surgery

Our doctors will provide you with detailed, step-by-step preparation instructions that are tailored for your specific procedure. Again, we want to make sure you are completely comfortable before your procedure.

Still, there are some general steps you’ll likely have to take before any surgical procedure. These include:

  • Make arrangements to facilitate your rest and recovery. This includes arranging a ride home from our office after your plastic surgery and finding someone to help you perform tasks around the house, including looking after your children. It’s very important you take the time necessary to relax after your procedure.
  • It’s important you quit smoking before your procedure. Smoking inhibits blood flow, which, in turn, prevents you from recovering as quickly as possible. We understand this is difficult, and we’ll provide you with every resource to help you give up cigarettes.
  • Part of making arrangements for your recovery will be working out time off with your employer. Our doctors will be able to give you an estimate of how much time you’ll need off based on your specific procedure.
  • Cease taking certain meds at the right time. Starting at around two weeks before your procedure, we’ll give you a list of medications and medicinal ingredients you’ll need to avoid. Make sure you don’t ingest these before your procedure.
  • Finally, make sure you’re well-rested. The prospect of plastic surgery is often stressful for our Denver-area patients, but it’s important that you get plenty of sleep. You want to be in the best possible physical and mental health when you undergo your procedure.

The important thing is to relax. You can count on our skill and experience to see you through your plastic surgery. Don’t let nerves or worries make your experience unpleasant.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado, area and you have questions about plastic surgery, please contact Grossman | Capraro Plastic Surgery through our online form or call 303-320-5566 today.